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Paisley textile

The Old Paisley Society

The Sma' Shot Cottages are run by The Old Paisley Society, a registered charity

A Step Back in Time

The Sma Shot Cottages welcomes visitors from all over the world to take a step back in to Paisley's history.

The Sma' Shot Cottage complex is unique in Scotland and allows visitors to see two distinct periods in Paisley's weaving history.

On entering from Shuttle Street, visitors immediately step back into the 18th century into the typical weaver's cottage which was originally built in the 1750s.

The cottage has been matched to written descriptions in histories of the town and has only been altered slightly from original dimensions in the 19th century.

On crossing the yard, you will visit a small row of three cottages, dated 70 years ahead in the 1820s-1840s, where you can immerse yourself in history as you explore life as a weaver in our historical town during the 19th century.

Looms Inside the Sma Shot Cottages
Cath Mitchell and Sma Shot Cottages Volunteers with the Sma Shot Lion

A Warm Paisley Welcome

Visitors will be provided with a free guided tour of the cottages with one of our local volunteers.

Come along and join us in our tea room, where we serve beverages and homemade goods and share stories of the past and present.

We are open April-September, every Wednesday and Saturday 12pm-4pm, and Fridays 1-5pm.


Group/private tours can be arranged on request through our contact page.

New volunteers keen to help preserve Paisley's heritage are always welcome to join us.

Sma Shot Cottages are owned and run by the Old Paisley Society, a registered charity (SC001908). Admission is free, however, all donations towards the upkeep of the cottages are gratefully accepted.

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